Thursday, September 12, 2013

Writing Journals, PreK Style

 Preschoolers love to write. They imitate mom writing a grocery list, their teachers writing on the white board and their big brothers and sisters doing their homework.  I think you should take advantage of this and give them every opportunity to practice this new found skill.  I give each child in my class a notebook with their name on it "Sarah's Writing Journal" and provide them with a variety of writing instruments:
          * Crayons
          * Markers (Fat & Skinny)
          * Ink Pens (Variety of colors & styles)
          * Colored Pencils   * Regular Pencils

    Now provide them with things to write. Name cards, labelled flash cards such as the ones in the picture, magazines, books or word wall words are all great places for kids to find words to write.
Once again those note cards and post it notes I keep around the classroom are good to jot down any word a child is wanting to know how to spell. Then let him/her keep the card in their journal or cubbie in case they want to write it again.
  I leave journals out in the writing center every day. Sometimes I provide writing prompts but mostly they are for the kids to use anytime they want to during center time. I also try to teach the children the difference between drawing and writing so the book doesn't get filled with pictures and very few attempts at writing letters and words, though illustrating a story is definitely allowed.
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