Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY Fall Halloween Stampers, PreK Style

Just the right size for little hands and large enough to keep most of the fingers out of the ink pad.

Made out of foam blocks from the classroom block center and holiday foam stickers. Again, easy to make and fairly cheap materials that most of us already have on hand.

The key to making these stampers is to use two of the same stickers stacked one on top of the other on the bottom of the block. Using two stickers makes it just tall enough to work really well. I have stacked three a couple of times, it just depends on the thickness of the stickers. You can find great packs of the foam stickers around the holidays that have a variety of shapes so you can make lots of different stampers.

I have also cut my own simple shapes out of sheets of scrap foam such as triangles, circles, squares, hearts for Valentine's day, pumpkins, apples, etc.
If you choose to do this just keep in mind that you need to stack them.

If you don't have foam blocks available to mount the stickers on you could use wooden blocks, scrap pieces of wood or even small cans of food such as tomato paste to mount them on.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Happy Stamping!

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