Friday, August 30, 2013

Weather Charts, PreK Style

 I have tried several types of weather charts with my preschoolers over the years and this style is one of my favorites. They love taking turns looking out the window then choosing the corresponding card to place on the chart. We also count and compare the days to see which type of weather has the most or least. The helper then reads the sentence strip using a pointer.

This is a weather chart I used for several years and though it worked fine and has the same basic concept as the one on the bottom I felt like I needed to change a couple of things.  I like the larger labels on the top of the chart instead of the bottom. On this  chart the children always wanted to count the labels at the bottom as one of the days, especially when the lines got full of cards.

They learn really fast which word says 'rainy' or 'sunny' so instead of drawing the corresponding picture on the word cards I changed it on the new cards to just the word itself.  So far this has worked really well and helps the kids with word recognition.

I like the sentence strip under the chart on this one. The kids can reach it much better with a pointer or even their finger. The only downside with the new one is the poster board is already starting to fade because the sun shines in on the bulletin board it is on.  We don't get a lot of snow here so I have often thought of removing the snowy day and adding a windy day.... but the kids really like to see the snowy one even if it's not used much.

By the way... today was a great day as well...  No tears, it's Friday and a holiday weekend!! Couldn't ask for much better (:

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