Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween Spider Web Game, PreK Style

This game can be a little challenging for some of your preschoolers but after a few minutes most children pick it up and really have fun with it.

First have your class sit in a large circle and cross their legs and explain the importance of holding on to the yarn when it is tossed to them and not letting go until our web is complete.

Start making your spider web by holding the end of the ball of of yarn and tossing it across the circle to someone you believe will follow the directions.  I suggest at this point you call out each name the yarn is to be tossed to next. This will ensure each child is getting a turn and can control the shape and pattern your spider web is taking. Well, as much as possible with a group of preschoolers. lol

Go around your circle as long as the children are engaged or you run out of yarn. I try to start with a full skein of yarn rolled into a ball if possible and we get most of the way through it before something happens.
Our game usually ends when somebody gets bored or silly and lets go... but most things end that way don't they?? (:

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