Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daily Sign-In, PreK Style

I like to keep track of who is in the room during the day and with a quick glance this board will let me know. I use laminated name plates for durability and because they are so easy to clean off with a magic eraser if I need to change something.

The beginning of the year is all about name recognition. If your class or individual children are having trouble with this you can add a small picture of the child or a symbol (see High Scope Curriculum) next to the child's name to help with this skill.

Children are taught to use these name cards to help write their names or other children's names. If they need help remembering how to spell their names or want to write a friends name in their writing journal they get the card and take it back to the table where they are writing. When they are finished they return the card to it's proper place.

As children leave for the day, their names are taken off the board.

After Christmas, children use their name cards to help them write their names on a sign-in sheet.  More on this process later... (:
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