Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fine Motor Literacy Activity PreK Style

 We made these on our first full day of school with all of the kids. A great activity as they learn to recognize the letters in their names and their new friends names.  They were each given a sheet of construction paper with the first letter of their name written with a wide black sharpie rather large across the paper.

I gave the kids a variety of stickers of different sizes and for the most part let them choose the ones they were comfortable using.

For some of the kids who were having difficulty I tried to encourage them to use the larger stickers so they could fill their letter up a little quicker.
 I love that this little fellow figured out the larger sticker thing when he was almost finished with his letter. (:

Great way to determine who may need a little extra help with their fine motor skills. 

I always try to use uniformly shaped stickers for the children's activities. The cute stickers that are oddly shaped often tear really easy and can frustrate the kids and discourage them from finishing the activity.
The kids really like working on these, they are easy to put together, look great hanging in the hallway and there is very little mess. My kind of activity!

Hope you are all having a great week at school!
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