Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY Dance Ribbons, PreK Style

Simple and inexpensive to make, these dance ribbons will last much longer than any you buy from a school supply store. Dollar store rubber/glitter bracelets and surveyor's tape is all that is needed to make these music props. I think the bracelets were packaged 5 for a dollar and the surveyor's tape I already had on hand but I did a search at Walmart.com and found rolls of 200 feet for less than $3.00 a roll. So you can make 10 of these for about $5.00.  The "ribbon" is light weight and vinyl so it works really well even when cut fairly long and doesn't fray on the ends like traditional ribbon.  The tape comes in many different bright colors so you can make them different colors or layer several colors on each one. They are very durable,  I made these last year and they are still in good shape. Each ribbon is cut to about 3' but this can be very easily changed to fit your needs.
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