Thursday, September 5, 2013

Giving Tree Class Donations

 A giving tree is a great way to ask for class donations. Some families may be able to help a lot with supplies you need, where others may not be able to help at all. Using this method families can help as much as they would like.

I like to have a variety of items ranging from post-it notes and sharpies to bird feed for our window bird feeder.

You can also ask for recycled items for projects such as shoe boxes or empty peanut butter jars.

As you can tell most of our apples have been "picked" and we have received most of the items we have asked for! :)

Families love to help when they can, it's fun to pick the apples and the apple is a great reminder for them to put on a refrigerator or in a purse.

I think I'm going to make a new sign to hang on the tree soon that says "Thank you for all your help, all of our apples have been picked!"  I may however leave this up all year and add new apples when and if the need arises.

btw We have this hanging right outside the classroom door in the hallway so parents can see it when they are dropping off their children.
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