Monday, September 16, 2013

Meaningful Calendar Math, PreK Style

Lovin' our new Piggy Bank! We are working on one-to-one correspondence in relationship to our monthly calendar. We use real pennies and Velcro to attach them to our laminated piggy. This activity helps children draw that connection between the number and the amount of items that corresponds to it. For instance, on the 13th of the month we have 13 pennies in the piggy bank. First we figure out what the next number on our calendar is and then count our pennies to make to sure it is the same amount. Adding one each day except Mondays where we need to add three so they will stay equal.  Then of course "check your math" by recounting the pennies and then looking at the calendar to see if it is showing the same number. I have seen children counting the pennies during center time and then moving to the calendar and pointing to the correct number. "See it's 13!"
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