Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rhyming Ball, PreK Style

 Rhyming can be challenging for preschoolers so I use whatever methods I can to teach them the new concept.  Turning a beach ball into a rhyming game definitely gets their attention and is always a lot of fun.

We start off by tossing the ball around the circle and trying to catch it. This will help them get that need to hit the ball hard when it comes toward them out of the way. (:

Then we're ready to rhyme!

I start by showing the kids each of the pictures and letting them tell me what they are. I want to make sure they are familiar with each word/picture before we start trying to rhyme.  I want them to each be successful with this activity, so we also think of a couple of rhyming words as a group as we look at each picture.
Now it's time to start the game. I start by looking at a picture, reading the word and then a rhyming word. For example:
        "house, mouse"

...then toss the ball to one of the kids. I choose someone I know will be successful and call their name as I toss it so everyone will know who is suppose to catch the ball and hopefully avoid ten kids jumping for the ball at the same time. (:  Also, if they are successful then it will help to reinforce how the game is suppose to work and keep it moving in the right direction. I like to play this until each of the children have had at least one turn but will go as long as the kids are having fun and grasping the concept. If you have a particularly energetic class you can move this game outside to the playground as well.         
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