Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Great Teacher Gifts

How many coffee mugs and "Number One Teacher" plaques and magnets can we possibly use?

This was a favorite gift from one of my kids last year. The large part of the pencil is a mailing tube, painted  with silver and pink on the end to resemble the eraser part. A Styrofoam cone is glued on the end and painted to resemble the sharpened end of the pencil. The best part? It was filled with chocolate!!
I received this for Christmas last year and the candy lasted throughout the rest of the school year. (:

Another gift we receive a lot of is candles. I know many teachers love candles but due to allergies I can't use them unless they are unscented. Of course, this does make my fellow teachers happy when I give them mine (:

Great gifts for me would be cute holiday dish towels or snowmen Christmas ornaments are great.  As well as notepads, post-its and gel pens. I love cute office supplies! Costume jewelry is okay as well, like little pumpkin pins or Easter bunny themed bracelets.

And you can never go wrong with live plants or boxes of candy! (:

What are some of your favorite teacher gifts?

How about things you would rather not receive?
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