Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Science Center PreK Style

Thought I would share some insight about building a PreK science center. I was looking at ours this morning while we working to get our room into shape for the new school year. This is a great center for the kids and their families to help with and take ownership in. What's in our science center right now? These awesome gourds that were donated by a grandparent; leaves, acorns, pine cones and a giant seed pod that the children found on the playground and walks around campus, sea shells brought by children and teachers from trips to the beach, a bird nest brought by a little boy at the end of last year, a nice green plant, a beta fish, science books, magnet set, magnifying glasses, bug catchers and a few other things. I have been in classrooms with science centers that were made up entirely of store bought science toys. These may catch the attention of children for a few minutes but are nothing compared to the presence of real things, esp. real things the children contributed. Let your children and their families know you would like their help, and how much you appreciate donations. I try to give credit where it is due by placing little tags like this one next to donations. This not only let's them know it's appreciated but gives children ownership into something they helped to create and bragging rights that may encourage others. I love to watch this center change throughout the school year from the field corn and pumpkins of fall to the caterpillars and flowers of spring. (:

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