Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall Math, PreK Style

Here's an activity my class really enjoyed from last year. Every year my class does many math activities involving pumpkins and gourds including measuring, weighing, comparing and predicting. With this activity I gave each child a "pumpkin seed" with their name on it and they wrote down the number of seeds they thought would be inside the pumpkin. If they didn't know how to write a number I helped them as needed.  After I cut the top off the pumpkin the children took turns scooping the seeds out with their hands. Other children helped wash the seeds and then we laid them out to dry. The next day when they were dry we counted, and counted, and counted! Now the problem came with the huge amount of seeds we found in this very small pumpkin! It was a small pie pumpkin, who would have thought there would be 567 seeds!! This year I may "lose" a few seeds along the way...preschoolers get bored after counting to about 30. (:
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