Saturday, August 24, 2013

Colors, PreK Style

This is a great activity to start at the beginning of the year. Each year my kids have a homework bag, which is a gallon size ziploc bag with their name on it. For this activity they are to each bring 2 or 3 items that we can keep to add to our color poster. So I send home a note in their homework bag explaining the activity and the color of the week and they send the items back in the bag. They may cut from magazines, draw pictures or bring items as long as we are able to keep the items. I also keep a few things handy for anyone who forgets their homework. I don't do this every year but after reviewing the class screenings I determine if colors are something most of the children need to learn. The kids have fun with this activity and love to share what they have found at home. I sit with each of the kids and let them pull things from their bag and we talk about not only color but shapes, sizes and positions as well. I do try to look through their bags a little before we start this activity and choose the children with bigger items to go first so the larger things are on the bottom layer.  We use bottle glue to attach things but if you are going to hang them in the room I usually go back with my hot glue gun and reinforce heavier items. I also use hot glue to attach the poster to the wall because it is usually pretty heavy.  If you plan each week right, yellow close to Fall, orange and black close to Halloween, red and green close to Christmas, white and blue in January it helps with finding relevant items that go with other themes in your classroom.
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