Saturday, October 12, 2013

Apple Patterning, PreK Style

Preschoolers love painting in any form so when I got out the paint and sponges for this activity I had no problem getting volunteers.

Very simple patterning with apple shaped sponges and long strips of tag board. These sponges were actually kitchen sponges shaped like apples that I found many years ago at a thrift store. I also have a couple shaped like lemons for a little variation in the type of patterns we are doing.

I let the children choose two of the three colors of apples to make their patterns with and put the paper lengthwise in front of each of them. I choose to do this activity one child at a time to ensure each child was successful and understood the concept of A-B patterns. Most were able to complete their pattern with very little help.

For a little challenge with those more advanced children you can use all three colors. A-B-C or an A-B-B pattern.

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